Case Study: IAEE Event Professionals Personality Quiz

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26 Jul 2016

Tradable Bits Weekly Wow Case Study: International Association of Exhibitions and Events IAEE Event Planner Personality Quiz


9 OBSCURE SWAG ITEMS that corresponded with unique personality types, assigned to IAEE fans through an engaging quiz that helped the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) better engage and understand their audience of event professionals.


The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) is the leading association for the global exhibition industry, representing over 9,500 individuals in over 50 countries who conduct and support exhibitions around the world.


The digital marketing team at IAEE wanted to engage their fans beyond their annual Expo Expo! conference and keep them connected all year. They also knew that if they invited fans to share insight into their unique personalities, IAEE could do a better job targeting their ads and emails when tickets for Expo Expo! finally launched in August.

IAEE What Obscure Swag Item Are You Personality Quiz Powered by Tradable Bits


Deciding to have a little fun with their fans, IAEE developed a well-humoured personality quiz that revealed which obscure promotional product (swag item) best matched each member's event professional identity. Ranging from the hyper-organized, always-prepared "Waterless Hand Sanitizer with Clip" to the party animal, socialite "Minibar in a Jar + Hangover Kit", IAEE poked fun at event professional stereotypes while entertaining their fans. Quiz questions asked fans to share their organization style, favourite event moments and even their meal preferences, all of which contributed to their final result. The personality quiz stores each fans' answers in their Fan CRM profile, which helps IAEE understand their fans' psychographics. Armed with this insight, IAEE can now create more engaging organic content, email campaigns and social ads.

IAEE Personality Quiz powered by Tradable Bits

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