Case Study: Citrix Synergy "Planet Yes"

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25 May 2016

Tradable Bits Weekly Wow Citrix Synergy Conference Planet Yes powered by Tradable Bits


1 MASSIVE GLOBE projecting real-time, crowd-sourced "things to say yes to" that Citrix Synergy attendees submitted to the Citrix Stream just by tweeting with #IWillSayYesTo.

Citrix Synergy Planet Yes Social Media Stream Powered by Tradable Bits


Citrix Synergy is an annual conference about the latest trends and innovations in secure apps and data delivery. Every year, they push the boundaries of social media displays to create cooler, more engaging ways of encouraging attendees to post about their Synergy experience. Last year their Social Media Hub (pictured above; made from storage containers and huge screens) was a major hit - but they wanted to take the wow-factor even further in Las Vegas this year.


The Citrix team wanted an innovative way of visualizing the conversations happening about their conference on social media. They knew that more attendees would engage online if they were incentivized by a cool display and saw that their posts were valued.


Citrix Synergy, Bellwether Corporation and yours truly partnered to create a custom Stream display for the 2016 Citrix Synergy event. By pulling the key words out of every tweet with #IWillSayYesTo, they amassed a collection of "things people would say yes to" to share with attendees. Projecting these words with a video background onto a giant spherical screen took their (automatically moderated!) social media Stream to a whole new level of engaging. "Planet Yes" was eye-catching, captivating and compelling - all of which encouraged hundreds of attendees to submit to their hashtag, helping Citrix trend even higher in the busy city of Las Vegas.

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