Tug of War social media voting contest by Blenz Coffee powered by Tradable Bits


TWO DELICIOUS NEW SUMMER PRODUCTS promoted with one beautifully designed, lead-generating Tug of War campaign that encouraged fans to try both drinks and vote for their favourite.


Blenz Coffee is a Canadian coffee company with a passion for providing opportunities for people to socialize over premium drinks. They're renowned for their attention to the beautiful details, from their latte art to their flawless Instagram feed.

Blenz Coffee Tug of War iced tea lemonade contest powered by Tradable Bits


The social team at Blenz wanted a way to work with fans to promote their new line of fruity iced tea lemonades. They also needed to encourage fans to go to physical stores to try the new drinks and provide feedback on which they liked.

Blenz Coffee Tug of War iced tea lemonade contest powered by Tradable Bits


Incentivizing with a gift card, Blenz crafted an interactive campaign that asked fans to choose between their two new products - Stone Fruit or Melon Berry iced tea lemonades. The Tug of War not only encouraged fans to go to Blenz and try them, but it also helped Blenz learn which was the most popular among their fans. As fans voted, Blenz collected valuable contact information which automatically imported into their email platform. Major bonus: as fans voted, Fan CRM tagged their profiles with their preference so Blenz can cater future ads and emails about the new drink line to each fans' unique tastes.

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