Case Study: AXS TV X-Factor Judges Personality Quiz

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24 Aug 2016

Tradable Bits Case Study: AXS TV X-Factor UK Judges Personality Quiz


4 CELEBRITY X-FACTOR UK JUDGES, each with unique identities, in one viral personality quiz by AXS TV. The quiz engages The X-Factor UK fans by revealing their judge doppelganger for a chance to win a themed prize pack.


The X Factor is a British reality television music competition founded by Simon Cowell in 2004. Created to find new singing talent, aspiring singers compete with public auditions in front of celebrity judges. AXS TV is an American cable and satellite television network specializing in live music events, comedy, and movies.


AXS TV wanted to engage fans and generate buzz before their next run of The X-Factor UK by connecting them with the judges they love to see on the show. They also aimed to understand their viewers better by asking fans to share insight into preferences and personalities.

Which X-Factor Judge Are You personality quiz powered by Tradable Bits


Drawing on the popularity of their celebrity judges, AXS TV created a "Which X-Factor UK Judge Are You?" personality quiz for their fans. Fans flooded to their site not only out of curiosity but also for a chance to win an X-Factor themed prize pack. After answering a series of psychographic questions, fans revealed their X-Factor UK judge doppelganger and shared their result with their friends. All this organic content about X-Factor helped generate major hype for the upcoming season across all social networks. The viral personality quiz not only engaged fans, it helped AXS TV understand their individual viewers (who they are, what they like, why they watch X-Factor and more) so they can better cater their future offerings to each fan.
Which X-Factor Judge Are You personality quiz powered by Tradable Bits - Question View

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