Personalizing your marketing approach can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies show that 86% of buyers admit that personalization has some impact on what they purchase, and 25% say that a personalized approach ‘significantly influences’ their purchasing behaviour. At Tradable Bits, we believe in the importance of knowing your fans, so you can market smarter. The first step is to know who your fans are, and what is important to them. Looking towards the 2019-2020 seasons, we need to recognize new categories of fans and how to market to them in ways that are endemic to their behaviour. Below we have highlighted 4 new fan-types for a modern world, along with tips and tricks for how to engage them and provide a personalized experience.

Digital Native

This fan knows everything there is to know about social media. They are so ingrained in the digital space that they still run their Myspace page, AOL account, and even check their Club Penguin inbox every now and then. To engage this fan you need to have a strong digital presence. Build out robust strategies for the most relevant platforms and create native content to serve these fans in the spaces they frequent the most. The digital native likely does not attend many games, nor do they watch them on tv at home. They consume bite-sized content through their mobile devices. This means streaming platforms, team or league apps, social media updates, and push notifications will be their source for team news, scores, and updates. The Digital Native may subscribe to league-wide highlight-focused services as well, think NFL Redzone or Sportsnet Ice Surfing on Twitter.

Tbits Tip: Use SMS messaging to send important updates directly to their mobile device. Also, aggregate their social media posts using Stream!

Micro Influencer

The Micro-influencer is the de facto leader of their friend group. This fan organizes, plans, and influences most of their friends. This fan has their finger on the pulse, they know what’s cool, what’s hip, and what the next big thing is, … long before any of us! The micro-influencer likely attends games (although infrequently) and prefers premium seating options. Common-area/open-air premium seats, loge boxes, and unique in-venue food & beverage locations are where you’ll find your teams micro-influencers. Attract these fans by providing unique and exclusive opportunities for seating, F&B, and of course ensure that everything is Instagramable. Partner with popular chefs, use local ingredients when possible, and provide money-can't-buy experiences. The micro-influencer fan is also an excellent target for team merchandise. Work with local designers to develop unique, city-specific items and watch as the micro-influencers flood your online shop.

Tbits Tip: Check out one of our previous blog posts on how to work with micro-influencers HERE.

Millenial Parent

Like all parents, the millennial parent has different priorities than other fans. These fans need to be concerned about important things like change-tables in the bathroom, the volume of the goal horn, and of course, the location of the team mascot at all times (especially if it’s Gritty). Even though they might leave the game at half-time or turn the tv off before the 3rd period because of early bedtimes, it does not mean these fans are any less engaged than others. You should provide cost-effective and healthy F&B options as well as modern family-packs that reflect the modern family. Allow your millennial parents to build their own family packs based on their needs. We should no longer assume the family pack is a 2x2 for everyone. By creating family-friendly environments (and digital content), you will not only nourish the fandom of your millennial parents but also plant the seeds with their kids to create new fans-for-life.

Tbits Tip: Target your Millennial Parent fans with family-friendly creative in your social ads, but keep it fun and light. Remember, millennial parents, are still millennials at the end of the day.

Neoclassical Fan

The neoclassical fan is simply a modern twist on the same old super-fans we all know and love. This doesn’t mean we should take their fandom for granted. These fans are the bedrock of your fandom. They attend as many games as they can, they host or attend watch parties, they buy merchandise, and either stream the games on the go or watch them on TV. Because these fans live in a digital-first world, be sure to include your digital strategy first in all of your fan engagement conversations. The Neoclassical fan craves behind the scenes access to their favourite teams and players. Solidify their allegiance even further by creating web-based content series that focus on players, behind the scenes access, and never-before-seen moments.

Tbits Tip: Engage your Neoclassical fans through enter-to-win contests and other engagement campaigns. These fans crave online engagement with their favourite teams.

Interested in knowing more about modern fan profiling? Keen to gather data on ALL your fans? Contact Tradable Bits today to see how you can know your fans, and market smarter.
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