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Case Study: Microsoft Accelerate Canada

WOW-FACTOR 1 REAL-TIME INTERACTIVE MAP of posts from around the world about Microsoft's new Canada Excellence Centre in Vancouver, BC. MICROSOFT ACCELERATE CANADA Microsoft opened its Canada Excellence Centre in Vancouver, BC on June 17, 2016 to much fanfare. Technology experts and politicians - most notably our Prime Minister, Justin…

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Case Study: Local Public Eatery (Engine Digital)

WOW-FACTOR 9 DYNAMIC, INTERACTIVE SOCIAL HOMEPAGES that give potential customers an authentic, real-time taste of what it's like to experience the food, atmosphere and service at Local Public Eatery. LOCAL PUBLIC EATERY Local Public Eatery is a laidback pub with gourmet food with locations all across North America. We even…

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Case Study: Luvo Inc Gluten Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 10 EDUCATIONAL QUESTIONS IN ONE BEAUTIFUL QUIZ that not only engages Luvo Inc's current and potential fans, but also helps their audience learn more about gluten intolerance. LUVO INC. Luvo Inc. is a frozen food manufacturer that helps their customers make smart choices, easier by providing food that is…

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Case Study: Norco's #AdventureBeginsHere

WOW-FACTOR 1 UNIQUE, STORYTELLING HASHTAG that not only empowered fans to share their personal adventures, but also promoted brand awareness for Norco Bicycles while generating highly qualified leads for future ad campaigns. NORCO BICYCLES Norco is a bicycle manufacturer with a simple mission: build better bikes. Over the past 50…

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Case Study: Citrix Synergy "Planet Yes"

WOW-FACTOR 1 MASSIVE GLOBE projecting real-time, crowd-sourced "things to say yes to" that Citrix Synergy attendees submitted to the Citrix Stream just by tweeting with #IWillSayYesTo. CITRIX SYNERGY Citrix Synergy is an annual conference about the latest trends and innovations in secure apps and data delivery. Every year, they push…

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Case Study: Theatre Under the Stars Cover Photos (Laura Murray PR)

WOW-FACTOR 10 WOW-WORTHY, gorgeous graphical Cover Photos for theatre fans to upload as their own. These beautiful designs are impossible to ignore and oh so shareable! LAURA MURRAY PR Laura Murray PR helps their clients in the arts and creative industries connect with their fans through forward-thinking marketing. Theatre Under…

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Case Study: Lush Live Social Stream

Editor's Note: We've started a new column on the Digital Marketing Digest called "Weekly Wows"! Each week, we'll highlight a WOW-worthy campaign by one of our Tradable Bits partners. Anyone can apply to be featured by emailing social@tbits.me. Enjoy! WOW FACTOR 10,000+ downloads of the new Lush…

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What is Fan-Based Marketing? (Free Sports Report)

What is fan-based marketing and why does it matter for sports teams? Find the answers to these and more sports marketing questions in this free exclusive white paper featuring the Washington Redskins (NFL), Portland Trail Blazers (NBA) and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS). Download your free copy of "Fan-Based Marketing:…

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Digital Marketing Awards: Announcing the 2015 Tbitsy Winners

With Grammy's gone and the Oscars upcoming, we're inspired this awards season. We have the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative brands in digital marketing who deserve recognition for their excellent feats of fan engagement. We saw so many stellar examples of digital marketing from our clients…

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Live #SB50 Infographic: Super Bowl 2016 Social Media Stats

Super Bowl 50 is already social media's most talked about event of 2016. Data is dumping out of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in mountains by the minute. But how can you make sense of all the buzz? Meet The Social Bowl. The Social Bowl for #SB50 First, we started collecting…

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