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    Ask an Expert: Sean Callanan of Sports Geek Talks Fan-Based Marketing for Sports

    After 15 years in IT development, Sean Callanan followed his passion for sports and technology by starting Sports Geek. His agency connects sports, fans, and sponsors using technology. He started the active and exclusive SportsBiz Slack Community, which hosts and connects over a thousand sports executives. His Sports Geek Podcast…

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    Entry Forms: The Worst Marketing Fail Since Weight Loss Banner Ads

    What’s more ineffective and annoying than a weight loss banner ad? Unauthenticated entry forms. Don’t know what unauthenticated entry forms are? Then keep reading because you’re 100% using them. Before you remind us that every one of our 30+ Campaign templates has an entry form - notably…

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    10 Terrible Facebook Ads You Better Not Pay to Promote

    Facebook just announced they’ve cracked AdBlock software on Desktop, and can now prevent users from hiding advertisements. Their update comes with revamped ad preferences that give users the power to punish bad ads - lifting the blanket opt-out while putting the fate of advertisers in the hands of their…

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    5 Big Data Lessons to Steal from Netflix

    Everybody loves Netflix. There’s nothing more gratifying to your inner-FOGO (fear of going out) than curling up in your couch and watching your favourite flicks. But the fascinating fact we all tend to forget is just how much science backs those five little yellow stars that decide your next…

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    How to Retarget Customers Without Being a Creep

    Cookie-based retargeting was an online advertising game-changer. It was the best ad tech invention of the past five years. There's just one problem... it was also the worst ad tech invention of the past five years. When done right, retargeting is powerful. It can boost brand awareness among even the…

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    Insider Scoop: Top 15 Things to Do in Vancouver

    Welcome to Vancouver! When you're only here for the short duration of a conference, you need insider information to find the best places to go. Whether you're hungry, thirsty or bored and hoping experience classic Vancity - our staff of local foodies, athletes and explorers have you covered! All of…

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    Oh, Canada: Home of Safe, Legal Data (even by Europe's standards)

    It’s a great day to be a Canadian. It’s an even better day to be a Canadian tech business owner. Bust out the bacon because we’re all celebrating. Why? This week, the European Court of Justice ruled that the transatlantic Safe Harbour agreement is now invalid. But…

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    3 Essential Ingredients for a Successful Self-funded Startup

    Young entrepreneurs are often obsessed with funding. Yes – sometimes it’s necessary, it accelerates your growth and it often earns you lots of free press. But new founders often fail to realize that it can also distract from your core objectives, cripple your autonomy and ultimately cause you to crash…

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    6 Simple Do's and Don'ts of User Generated Content

    Op-Ed By: Lenny Goh, Director of Business Development. User-generated content. Social proof. #UGC. Whatever you’d like to call it, it’s extremely important. Businesses are finally listening to their fans and realizing just how essential user-generated content is to their core business objectives. Just by paying attention to brand-relevant…

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    Holistic Marketing: What It Is and Why You Should Care

    We recently received a phone call from the VP of Sales and Sponsorship of a sports organization demanding we explain “holistic marketing”. After he had been cornered by an ultimatum from a previously loyal sponsor - “switch to holistic marketing or go elsewhere for funding for your campaign” - he…

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    How We Hacked Facebook Targeting and Increased Ad ROI by 700%

    In partnership with Tourism Whistler we recently conducted a social ads experiment. It all began with a simple idea… Concept: Start with who you know We’ve been in the social media marketing industry for a long time, and Whistler’s been rocking Tourism industry for even longer. We both…

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    Why we threw our print ad budget under the bus and spent it all on social media

    Many marketers are afraid to invest their hard-earned cash in unfamiliar tactics like social media advertising. They find comfort in their annual routine and repeat campaigns that have “worked" in the past. This thinking leads marketers to spend billions every month on TV commercials, bus ads and other traditional tactics…

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    7 Social Media Sins You're Probably Committing Right Now

    Don’t feel bad if you’re socially sinful - even large enterprises sometimes make mistakes that can cost thousands in revenue and ad spend. During the past four years we've spent building social media solutions for brands, we've noticed these seven common mistakes time and time again: Just for…

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    Proud to be 100% Canadian on Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day! Although we serve millions of clients from all over the world and have a global vision for the future of social media, we are very proud to be Canadian. As part of our country’s birthday festivities we’re celebrating the fact that our company is 100%…

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    This is why we believe in building social apps

    Making a difference in peoples lives and helping shape how we see the world inspired me to start Tradable Bits. One of the most rewarding things in life is to see your vision and hard work come into fruition. Clara’s Big Ride for Bell Let’s Talk used what…

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    Tradable Bits now a Facebook PMD: How our new qualification benefits you

    We’re thrilled to announce that we are officially a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. Qualified by the PMD program in Apps, we are now part of a community of “best-in-class developers” around the world. We’ve been making stellar apps for our millions of clients since 2011. Year after year,…

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    Why Facebook Marketing Matters

    How do I increase engagement on Facebook without spending a ton of money? Recent changes to News Feed, tabs and controversy over Facebook ads have many people asking me this question. But before I can answer it, we need to remember why businesses market on social media in the first…

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