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Fan-Based Marketing in 2016: Tradable Bits Year in Review Infographic

2016 was the year of the fan. Major brands finally embraced personalized experiences, social media networks made moves towards better ad targeting and fan data became a staple of every successful marketing campaign. Congratulations to all of our technology partners for a year full of new fans, stellar campaigns and…

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71 Last-Minute Christmas Contest Ideas with Easy Templates

T'was the month before Christmas and all through your team, there was nothing but panic - you might even scream. But before you get hung up on holiday fear... don't worry, we've got you! St. T-Bits is here. We've compiled our biggest list of winter holiday-themed social media contest ideas…

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Case Study: We For She Conference Stream

WOW-FACTOR 1,600,000+ people reached by the stories created by the 1500+ attendees of the We For She conference, spreading solutions for gender discrimination across the world. WE FOR SHE We For She 2016: Championing the Next Generation, was a conference in Vancouver that we sponsored on October 14,…

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Case Study: The Vancouver Club Celebrity Bartenders Stream

WOW-FACTOR 1 SPECIAL NIGHT where the prestigious Vancouver Club lifted its photography ban to allow guests to capture the exquisite Celebrity Bartender Series Finale and share it with their networks on social media (inducing FOMO everywhere). THE VANCOUVER CLUB The Vancouver Club is a business club where members from various…

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Case Study: AXS TV X-Factor Judges Personality Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 4 CELEBRITY X-FACTOR UK JUDGES, each with unique identities, in one viral personality quiz by AXS TV. The quiz engages The X-Factor UK fans by revealing their judge doppelganger for a chance to win a themed prize pack. X-FACTOR UK (AXS TV) The X Factor is a British reality…

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Case Study: IAEE Event Professionals Personality Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 9 OBSCURE SWAG ITEMS that corresponded with unique personality types, assigned to IAEE fans through an engaging quiz that helped the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) better engage and understand their audience of event professionals. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS (IAEE) The International Association of Exhibitions…

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SEAT Panel Announcement: Fan-Based Marketing for Sports

We’re excited to announce our upcoming panel with experts from the NBA, NFL and Facebook discussing fan-based marketing at the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) conference in Las Vegas on July 18, 2016. What You'll Learn: Our interactive panel will cover how fan-based marketing helps sports teams…

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5 Big Data Lessons to Steal from Netflix

Everybody loves Netflix. There’s nothing more gratifying to your inner-FOGO (fear of going out) than curling up in your couch and watching your favourite flicks. But the fascinating fact we all tend to forget is just how much science backs those five little yellow stars that decide your next…

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Case Study: Citrix Synergy "Planet Yes"

WOW-FACTOR 1 MASSIVE GLOBE projecting real-time, crowd-sourced "things to say yes to" that Citrix Synergy attendees submitted to the Citrix Stream just by tweeting with #IWillSayYesTo. CITRIX SYNERGY Citrix Synergy is an annual conference about the latest trends and innovations in secure apps and data delivery. Every year, they push…

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Case Study: Theatre Under the Stars Cover Photos (Laura Murray PR)

WOW-FACTOR 10 WOW-WORTHY, gorgeous graphical Cover Photos for theatre fans to upload as their own. These beautiful designs are impossible to ignore and oh so shareable! LAURA MURRAY PR Laura Murray PR helps their clients in the arts and creative industries connect with their fans through forward-thinking marketing. Theatre Under…

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