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71 Last-Minute Christmas Contest Ideas with Easy Templates

T'was the month before Christmas and all through your team, there was nothing but panic - you might even scream. But before you get hung up on holiday fear... don't worry, we've got you! St. T-Bits is here. We've compiled our biggest list of winter holiday-themed social media contest ideas…

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7 Black Friday Contest Ideas to Help Brands Save Big!

Consumers love Black Friday and Cyber Monday because they get to save. But how can brands benefit as well? Running a Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) social media contest has more value than just selling off old stock. When executed properly, these contests help you: Collect up-to-date contact information from…

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Entry Forms: The Worst Marketing Fail Since Weight Loss Banner Ads

What’s more ineffective and annoying than a weight loss banner ad? Unauthenticated entry forms. Don’t know what unauthenticated entry forms are? Then keep reading because you’re 100% using them. Before you remind us that every one of our 30+ Campaign templates has an entry form - notably…

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Case Study: AXS TV X-Factor Judges Personality Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 4 CELEBRITY X-FACTOR UK JUDGES, each with unique identities, in one viral personality quiz by AXS TV. The quiz engages The X-Factor UK fans by revealing their judge doppelganger for a chance to win a themed prize pack. X-FACTOR UK (AXS TV) The X Factor is a British reality…

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Case Study: IAEE Event Professionals Personality Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 9 OBSCURE SWAG ITEMS that corresponded with unique personality types, assigned to IAEE fans through an engaging quiz that helped the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) better engage and understand their audience of event professionals. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS (IAEE) The International Association of Exhibitions…

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Case Study: Blenz Coffee Iced Tea Lemonade Tug of War

WOW-FACTOR TWO DELICIOUS NEW SUMMER PRODUCTS promoted with one beautifully designed, lead-generating Tug of War campaign that encouraged fans to try both drinks and vote for their favourite. BLENZ COFFEE Blenz Coffee is a Canadian coffee company with a passion for providing opportunities for people to socialize over premium drinks.…

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Case Study: Tourism Vancouver Neighbourhood Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 11 HILARIOUS QUESTIONS IN 1 PERSONALITY QUIZ that helps Tourism Vancouver learn more about their fans while educating them about the city's many diverse neighbourhoods and subcultures. TOURISM VANCOUVER Tourism Vancouver is a destination marketing organization and business association that represents 1000+ members in tourism and related industries. They…

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Case Study: Flight Centre Tug of War Contest

WOW-FACTOR 2 AWESOME FAN PRIZE PACKS that segment Flight Centre's audience of email and ad leads into travellers who love culinary delights or prefer outdoor adventures. FLIGHT CENTRE CANADA Flight Centre Canada is a leading retailer of travel products and services, with over 180 locations across Canada. With thousands of…

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Case Study: Luvo Inc Gluten Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 10 EDUCATIONAL QUESTIONS IN ONE BEAUTIFUL QUIZ that not only engages Luvo Inc's current and potential fans, but also helps their audience learn more about gluten intolerance. LUVO INC. Luvo Inc. is a frozen food manufacturer that helps their customers make smart choices, easier by providing food that is…

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5 Big Data Lessons to Steal from Netflix

Everybody loves Netflix. There’s nothing more gratifying to your inner-FOGO (fear of going out) than curling up in your couch and watching your favourite flicks. But the fascinating fact we all tend to forget is just how much science backs those five little yellow stars that decide your next…

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Case Study: Norco's #AdventureBeginsHere

WOW-FACTOR 1 UNIQUE, STORYTELLING HASHTAG that not only empowered fans to share their personal adventures, but also promoted brand awareness for Norco Bicycles while generating highly qualified leads for future ad campaigns. NORCO BICYCLES Norco is a bicycle manufacturer with a simple mission: build better bikes. Over the past 50…

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Case Study: Theatre Under the Stars Cover Photos (Laura Murray PR)

WOW-FACTOR 10 WOW-WORTHY, gorgeous graphical Cover Photos for theatre fans to upload as their own. These beautiful designs are impossible to ignore and oh so shareable! LAURA MURRAY PR Laura Murray PR helps their clients in the arts and creative industries connect with their fans through forward-thinking marketing. Theatre Under…

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What is Fan-Based Marketing? (Free Sports Report)

What is fan-based marketing and why does it matter for sports teams? Find the answers to these and more sports marketing questions in this free exclusive white paper featuring the Washington Redskins (NFL), Portland Trail Blazers (NBA) and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS). Download your free copy of "Fan-Based Marketing:…

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Digital Marketing Awards: Announcing the 2015 Tbitsy Winners

With Grammy's gone and the Oscars upcoming, we're inspired this awards season. We have the pleasure of working with some of the most innovative brands in digital marketing who deserve recognition for their excellent feats of fan engagement. We saw so many stellar examples of digital marketing from our clients…

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29+ Creative Social Media Campaign Ideas from the Pros

New year, new you, new marketing plan! Coming up with awesome ideas for social media campaigns can be challenging - that's why we analyzed over 10,000 real campaigns by big brands like Disney, McDonalds and Best Buy to find the very best examples and ideas for your 2016 digital…

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The Twelve Days of T-Bits-mas

With so many products and features on the Tradable Bits platform, it can be tricky to remember them all. So with the help of some musical elves, we've transformed our platform pages into a festive, melodic mneumonic we'll all recognize... On the first day of Christmas, my T-Bits gave to…

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How to Tag Your Way to Targeting Victory

Who's the biggest unsung hero in direct-to-consumer, engagement-based, CRM marketing? We nominate the "Tag". You know - the thing that's typically added as an afterthought to campaign configuration and then forgotten about forever? Tags are a powerful tool for segmenting your customers and fans into audiences for future retargeting. They…

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How to Save on Facebook Ads During the Holidays

Social ad targeting can be brutally expensive during the holidays. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter turn into a blizzard of self-promoting brand posts and advertisements the second Halloween strikes midnight. Brands are predicted to spend $23.68 billion on social ads this year. Add that to the unpaid promotional content every…

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How to Make Mind-Blowing BuzzFeed-Style Quizzes for Fans

Everybody loves a good BuzzFeed quiz. Admit it - you've sheepishly wasted 5 minutes of your work day answering arbitrary questions just to see if your taste in poutine can predict your perfect guy. And shared it with everyone you knew when it actually did. BuzzFeed quizzes are genius because…

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Why and How to Integrate Slack with Tradable Bits

Slack has graduated from your inter-office communication hub into a full blown marketing, sales and community management tool. We're big fans and recognize the power of this popular direct chat program for businesses likes yours. In an effort to make our Slack-loving clients' lives easy and efficient, we've integrated our…

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