Copper Mountain Increases Engagement with Stream

For Copper Mountain ski resort, the divide between what appears on social media and what actually happens on the slopes was a constant challenge.

“The goal of our social media strategy is to interact with guests from a variety of platforms and give them an honest perspective of life at Copper. But we are constantly faced with the obstacle of improper tagging of our resort, which causes us to miss out on a lot of content,” explains Scott Vosburgh, the Interactive Coordinator at Copper Mountain.

With their Olympic-qualifying Grand Prix World Cup event fast approaching, the Copper Mountain social media team were looking for creative ways to champion this challenge.

Kaisey Arena, Social Media Specialist at Copper explained that although the Grand Prix competition occurred every year, "this year it was particularly special because it was Olympic Qualifying event for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics which is the first time freestyle skiing (half pipe and slope style) will be Olympic events.” Hosting over 100 Olympic hopefuls and past Olympians like Shaun White, Kelly Clark and Simon Dumont, Copper’s social media team turned to Stream to amp up their strategy.

Copper's social media team began by using Stream to automatically collect all mentions of their event and resort on every major social network. Then, employing their existing 'digital signage', they displayed the best of their aggregated content on large TV’s in heavy-traffic areas of the resort.

To combat their struggle with improper tagging, they paired the branded Stream with window decals throughout the resort that displayed their official hashtags. “Our guests really caught onto the official tagging which was awesome,” enthused Scott.

Immediately after launching Stream, Scott and Kaisey noticed that their guests were returning to photo albums from previous ski seasons and adding the proper tagging just to appear on the Stream. “We've noticed a huge growth in the usage of our official social handles and hashtags, and the amount of content being shared with us has nearly doubled since our launch in December,” said Scott.

The sudden buzz spread awareness about Copper Mountain, and within the first month of launching Stream, their Facebook following grew by over 1500 fans. “Many of our social media followings have grown by large numbers since launching Stream,” said Kaisey, who is excited to watch their online community develop even more in the coming months.

Empowered by Stream, Copper Mountain’s social media team is achieving their goal of showcasing an authentic experience of the resort. By harnessing user-generated content, Scott explained, “we can display the full Copper experience through hundreds of perspectives, rather than just our own.”

Kaisey agreed, stating that "by showing off our guests’ content in resort and online, we reach them on a personal level that cannot be done through our website or direct mailing."

As they wind down from their Grand Prix event, the Copper Mountain social media team can’t wait to discover other creative ways to engage with their audience using the Copper Stream in 2014.

Check out the Copper Mountain Stream.

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