Curious to see how our platform can elevate your business? Instead of telling, why don’t we show you instead? Below are a few real-life examples of what you can easily build using our tools:

1. Apex vs Fortnite: Battle Royale: “Tug of War”

In our recent article highlighting these two popular competitors, we created a voting campaign using a Tug a war tool. With this setup, easily create a fun and engaging poll that will get your audience excited in your campaign.

2. Insta-Story Templates: "Download”

Using the “download” setup, our team created a free Photoshop file download that contained pre-designed Insta-stories for music festivals of all types to use in their socials accounts.

3. Dallas Mavericks Golden Dirk Bobblehunt: “Bundle”

The Mavericks wanted to engage fans during the summer months ahead of the 2018-19 NBA Season. Their solution was to create 10 unique campaigns that launched over 10 consecutive weeks through the summer and early fall. Fans entered each week to win 1 of 10 Dirk Nowitzki Golden Bobbleheads. Using the Tradable Bits Bundle campaign, the Mavericks built 10 unique individual campaigns along with a pre-campaign sign-up form. The campaigns were then set to unlock at weekly intervals, with a new prize unveiled each Monday.

4. Sea Hear Now Festival: “Personalized Playlist ”

Sea Hear Now was able to generate more data and insight on current and prospective fans by letting fans develop their own personalized playlist. By simply connecting their Spotify account, our tools offered fans a custom playlist based on their sense of musical tastes, and the opportunity to help the festival curate a list by rating different songs.

5. Iowa State University: “Scratch & Win”

Iowa State Athletics cares deeply about their fan base, and thus was looking for creative ways to sell tickets without overtly promoting ticket sales. Challenged with the task to create an engaging and promotional campaign simultaneously, the team created a "Scratch & Win" contest in which fans virtually "scratched" the contest to see if they had won free tickets to an upcoming game. The campaign achieved their two objectives while bringing in staggering numbers.

6. University of Kentucky 12 Days of Catmas: “Bundle”

University of Kentucky Athletics wanted to keep fans engaged with the Wildcats during the holiday season. As a new NCAA Basketball season kicked off, UK also aimed to increase awareness for the team and replenish their pool of qualified leads.
Through a Tradable Bits Bundle campaign, the UK Wildcats created 12 unique contests to give away their 12 days of prizes in descending order.

7. Okeechobee Festival: “Social Login Survey”

By using a social login survey as their street team application, Okeechobee engaged their best fans while collecting valuable fan data. Running applications through an authenticated survey gave them thousands of verified leads for their street team and insights into their top influencers. Over 1,100 fans completed the Survey and 98% opted-in to receive emails!

With our robust software, you can truly “Know your fans, and market smarter.” Create custom campaigns, serve your fans personalized content and sell more tickets with our leading fan-based marketing platform, built specifically for music and sports brands. Contact us today for a free consultation on how our tech can help your business!

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