Everybody loves a good BuzzFeed quiz.

Admit it - you've sheepishly wasted 5 minutes of your work day answering arbitrary questions just to see if your taste in poutine can predict your perfect guy. And shared it with everyone you knew when it actually did.

BuzzFeed quizzes are genius because they're simple, sharable and oh so personable. However, if you're creating them natively on the site, you're also losing a huge opportunity to collect data about your fans.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could actually use something as fun as a quiz to collect valuable contact, demographic and interest data about your fans? Just you wait because I'm about to blow your mind.

Introducing Personality Quiz

Tradable Bits Personality Quiz Example

Seeing this massive missed opportunity, we took matters into our own hands and created Personality Quiz. The final product is just as simple, sharable and fun as a BuzzFeed quiz - only with way more benefit to you as a brand.

In a mobile-friendly microsite with a customizable URL, your fans can answer as many questions as you want for a chance to discover their unique result. As a brand, you simply create questions, answers and results - and let our system do the tallying.

How Do Quizzes Benefit Your Brand?

Tradable Bits Fan CRM Fan Profile Details View Apart from the giddyness that comes from creating a Cosmo-level personality quiz, you gain a ton of valuable insight from your fans every time you publish a new quiz. Here's just a hint of the data you can collect:

  • Verified email addresses with explicitly granted permission to contact fans
  • Full names and profile pictures from your fans
  • Location information about where your fans live
  • Interest data from everything your fans like on Facebook
  • Specific reporting on the answers they chose in your quiz
  • Segmented Facebook ad audiences based on their quiz result

Besides the data you collect, you also gain an easy way to boost fan engagement on any of your social profiles. You can embed your quiz on your Facebook Page, your blog, your website or any other digital property. You can share the customizable URL on any social network - tweet it out, pin it, link it on Instagram... you can even post it on Google+.

How to Create a Personality Quiz

Creating a Personality Quiz is just as straightforward as building a quiz on BuzzFeed.

Tradable Bits Personality Quiz Setup

  1. Create your unique results, with images and text
  2. Craft your questions, with large header images and text
  3. Provide your answers (images & text) and choose a result for each
  4. Add your branding - header images, description text, rules and legal info
  5. Publish it on your website, Facebook page or just share the link!

Real Life Example: Scion BC

Scion BC - Blitzgear Fast & Furious Perasonality Quiz

Innovative agency Blitzgear Inc. crafted a genius "Fast & Furious" themed personality quiz for their client Scion BC.

Fans of Scion answered a series of questions to discover which Fast & Furious character they're most alike - giving Scion insight into their car preferences and unique personality.

Now they can use this insight to optimize social ads and emails promoting their cars, further catering their messaging to the unique needs of their audience.

See it live and take the quiz here.

Inspiration: Personality Quiz Ideas by Industry

Need some inspiration for your first quiz? Here's a couple ideas for each of our core verticals:


Tradable Bits Solutions for Retail

Goal: Increase sales of high ticket price items during the holidays

Title: What should you get for your impossible-to-buy-for dad this Christmas?

Idea: Position yourself as Santa's little helper by giving your fans ideas of what to buy for their difficult dad this season. Sort gifts into "categories of dads" like the techie dad, outdoorsy dad and DIY dad and then provide links to buy your top products for each one in the results.


Tradable Bits Solutions for Sports

Goal: Increase team merchandise sales over the holidays

Title: What obscure sports item does your boyfriend actually not own yet?

Idea: Help out the ladies of the world by giving them gift ideas for the special sports fans in their lives with this fun quiz. Ask them questions about their boyfriend's favourite sport, team and player - not only customizing her results, but also providing you more insight for future ad targeting.


Tradable Bits Solutions for Entertainment

Goal: Discover which Christmas song your band should be covering

Title: Which Christmas carol is the theme song for your life?

Idea: Predict which Christmas hit is bound to go viral on your YouTube Channel by sourcing your fans for ideas. Make your favourite Christmas carols the results, and then craft fun and cheeky questions to get fans to engage. You could even incentivize fans to participate by saying they'll get an exclusive download of the track when it goes live.


Tradable Bits Solutions for Tourism

Goal: Increase visitors to your destination resort

Title: What kind of vacation do you really need this holiday season?

Idea: Get your prospective visitors dreaming about their perfect vacation with this low-key quiz. Use it as an excuse to showcase the best features of your resort - the spa for relaxation, the bar for socializing, the tours for family-friendly fun. You can even link their results to a booking page and provide them with a token discount code in the description for a little extra nudge.


Tradable Bits Solutions for Agencies

Goal: Generate leads for social media management services over the holidays

Title: What social media disaster will you inevitably have while on vacation?

Idea: Your potential clients are already stressed about everything falling apart when they go on leave for the holidays. This is a playful way to keep your agency top of mind when they're considering outsourcing the responsibility so they can enjoy Christmas with family. Provide answers like "post drunken selfie on the company Instagram" and "completely forget about Facebook chat support" with funny, light hearted images.

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