Instagram stories are all the rage these days. Over 500 million Instagram users view stories every day and the app continues to grow in popularity, especially among younger demographics.

Instagram stories are especially appealing for businesses. They offer huge potential exposure as well as options for fan engagement through interactive story stickers.

The newest story sticker, “Quiz”, offers great interaction capabilities as businesses can pose multiple-choice questions to their audience and instantly see responses.

The Problem: Data Limitations

While these new story features offer a fun, short-term way to connect with fans, they are limited in two ways:

  • Responses are only visible for 24 hours which means businesses cannot identify their top fans after this period.

  • The only pieces of data Instagram collects is viewers’ Instagram handles and quiz/question response - not other key details such as age, location, email, and more. Instagram Quiz Story Sticker Overview by Tradable Bits

Using a Tradable Bits Quiz, businesses can learn much more about fans that participate.

First, post the “Quiz” story sticker to get fan attention. Then, directly integrate the full Tradable Bits Quiz in a “Swipe-Up Link” in your story. This way, fans can get a taste of the campaign through the “Quiz” sticker and be drawn into completing the full campaign in the link.

Here's a great example of how the Toronto Raptors promoted their Campaign in their Instagram Story:

Toronto Raptors Tradable Bits Instagram Story Case Study

Fans can choose to share key data points such as age, gender, interests, email, connected friends, and location when they authenticate with a social login. Brands can use this information to better understand their fans so they can improve their experience and cater their communication.

Further, when a fan connects, Fan CRM can match any purchases that fan made (attended their game or event) with the Quiz entry to create a better picture of who their customers are. This ensures fans never receive ads or emails promoting something they’ve already bought.

Fan CRM Overview by Tradable Bits

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