What's behind Facebook's New Status Update

Logging onto Facebook generated a whole lot of giggles from the Tradable Bits Team this morning, as we used Facebook’s newest Status Update features to share our morning activities with our friends.  The new Status options - where users can include what they’re feeling, drinking, watching and almost anything else they are doing - take sharing your life with your friends and followers to a whole new level.  As of today (at least in Canada), our social networks are not only connected by the people we meet, the places we go and the words we say; we are connected through our hobbies, activities and shared emotional experiences.

The technology that drives these features for Facebook apps is called Open Graph.  Open Graph enables apps to create stories on behalf of individuals about what they’re doing, where they’re going, and who they’re with.  It draws connections between people, objects, actions and places that bring real life into the social sphere.  For example, if I were to watch a movie and rate it through a Facebook app, a “story” would be created on my behalf telling my friends that “Emily watched The Great Gatsby”, which they could then like and comment on.  Open Graph lets users share what they’re watching, singing, reading, rating and doing through the Facebook apps they love.

Tradable Bits apps harness Open Graph technology by optimizing the process of creating and sharing these “stories”.  When a Facebook user views a Stream, participates in a Poll or adds an item from your Catalog to their Wishlist, Open Graph shares those actions with their network - bringing them closer to their social circle through their shared experience with your brand, product or service.

Facebook has once again created new ways for people around the world to share their experiences with its new Status Update features. Participate in this exciting shift by publishing your first “enhanced” status update today, and by exploring how Tradable Bits apps can help your business connect with your audience on a deeper, more engaging level.

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