Dine Out Vancouver captures every bit of #deliciousness with Stream

Canada’s largest restaurant festival, Dine Out Vancouver, took #foodporn to a whole new level this year with the My Dine Out Story Stream.

Even with hundreds of restaurants, thousands of dishes and millions of mmm-inspiring moments, Dine Out Vancouver didn’t miss a single second of their 17-day, city-wide festival thanks to social media. Foodies are famous for photographing their culinary masterpieces before indulging, and sharing their snapshots with friends and followers on Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

"The Stream makes it easy to collect everything together", explains Lucas Pavan, the Festival Coordinator of DOVF. “It enables us to gather all of our follower’s interactions from a multiplicity of formats together on one convenient page. It looks cool, and it amplifies the social media messages.”

Stream worked behind the scenes: collecting any mention of the hashtag and several other keywords across all major social networks, automatically filtering the content and then showcasing the best posts in real-time on the DOVF website.

Just by using the hashtag #MyDineOutStory, participants in the festival shared their unique experiences with the Dine Out team as well as their fellow foodies. With over 50,000 views since the event started on January 17, it’s safe to assume there were some envious onlookers as well.

But the #DOVF Stream wasn’t just about mouth-watering food photography. It also served a functional purpose; alerting the Dine Out team if anything got messy so they could swoop in and put out the fire before it even started.

“Stream gave us the ability to quickly see who was saying what and where they were saying it, which gave us a chance to respond quickly if necessary,” said Lucas.

Now that the wildly successful food festival has come to a close, the Dine Out Vancouver team and anyone else who already misses the excitement can reminisce by viewing the 1000+ posts on the Stream.

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