E-commerce site Dormify’s custom app increases Facebook customer accounts 750%

E-commerce site Dormify’s custom app increases Facebook customer accounts 750%

Dormify is a discovery-based e-commerce site that creates and curates personalized small-space decor products for their client community of highly social, fashion-minded college girls. Through customized collections, one-on-one design consultation and effortless social integration, Dormify strives to connect with their fan-base, grow their client community and pair the perfect product to each individual customer looking to decorate their dorm or apartment.

Dormify wanted to take these three goals (connecting, growing and personalizing) to the next level by creating a custom app that would harness their three major assets (customized collections, design consultation and social integration) into one fun, engaging and social experience. The Tradable Bits custom development team worked with Dormify and its agency HZDG to turn this concept into a reality.

Dormify’s Chief Operating Officer, Nicole Gardner defined the overarching goal for the Design Plan app as “ helping customers on a broader scale than we could connect with individually to find their dream dorm room collections.” Through a simple series of questions about a user’s taste, fashion preference and personality, the Design Plan app matches the customer with the collections that suit their style and connects them with a personal design assistant to further help them plan their dorm design.

Design Plan App textures

Through the social login feature, users can see what their friends liked, share their design ideas with future roommates and shop easily and conveniently through the app. This also allows Dormify to connect on a more personal level with their customers in order to provide products that are relevant to the ever-changing trends and preferences of their college girl audience.

Dormify’s client community immediately connected with the app and Nicole has already seen amazing results. “Our customers find the app fun, easy and an interesting way to shop for their bedding, starting the exciting process for decorating their room. We went from 80 users flat to over 6,000 in less than two months, and have barely scratched the surface,’ explained Nicole.

From the e-commerce site’s perspective, the app was also a success. Through the process of combining individual products into “collections” that can then be personalized and directed at a relevant customer, the shopping experience becomes easier for the customer and increases sales for the retailer. “We’re starting to see some direct correlation to sales,” explained Nicole, who expects that engagement with the app will increase even more once back-to-school shopping season hits in August.

Nicole encourages other e-commerce sites to reach out to Tradable Bits with their ideas for connecting with their own client communities: “Their team is energetic and was excited to build something memorable for Dormify that would not only be fun and engaging, but would also translate into sales.”

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Design Plan App by Dormify

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Images sourced from Dormify’s Design Plan app: designplan.dormify.com

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