Channelling Fandom into E-Commerce

Lush Cosmetics fans are loud and obsessed. By pairing their best user-generated content with a compelling call to action, they boosted product awareness without saying a word.

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Capture the Magic of LUSHie Excitement

For supporters of Lush Cosmetics, using their products isn’t a luxury, it’s a way of life. Lush fans (LUSHies) believe the Lush philosophy, support their environmental and social causes, and buy their products with fervent loyalty. Thousands of LUSHies post about their spoils on every major social network - but how can Lush channel the love into sales?

GOAL: Boost Brand Without Paid Advertising

Lush Cosmetics doesn’t believe in brand advertising. They don’t buy print ads, celebrity endorsements or even online ads. Relying 100% on word of mouth, they needed a better way to harness fan enthusiasm and redirect their earned media to their e-commerce site.

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SOLUTION: Blend Fan Content with Brand Call to Action

What’s more authentic than an endorsement from a fan loving your product right now? Using Stream, Lush Cosmetics captures every single mention of Lush, their social causes and their products on every major social network. Using automatic rights management, Lush can ask their fans in real time for permission before showcasing their content on their e-commerce site. The Lush team matches these high-quality fan posts with a link to the correct products on their online store, boosting brand awareness and e-commerce traffic. Now, a LUSHie’s journey from their Instagram feed to a checkout page is only a few clicks.

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