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Curating Active and Lasting Communities

lululemon SeaWheeze inspired 30% more conversations on social media than the previous year by bridging online and offline communities in real time with curated fan content displays.

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GOAL: Inspire Sustainable Support Network

lululemon athletica needed to create a community that stretched far beyond race day. Training and running doesn't stop at the finish line, so they aimed to continue their presence in the conversations organically occurring among their engaged runners. By identifying and connecting with influencers and top participants, they hoped to fuel these conversations and continue to encourage participation as leaders in their community.

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SOLUTION: Delight with Community Displays

Putting posts by their runners in the spotlight on the SeaWheeze homepage, lululemon homepage, massive screen on race day and beside performers at the Sunset Festival proved the importance and effectiveness of recognizing their guests. Highlighting guest success, memories and moments inspired runners to get involved and join the virtual and actual SeaWheeze community. Smart moderation dictated which social media posts appeared on various displays and pages, creating unique and engaging experiences on every touchpoint. Like-minded guests used the screens and online feeds to share tips and inspiration with each other before, during and long after the half-marathon was finished.

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