100s OF GORGEOUS FAN PHOTOS making a stellar first impression to potential tourists on the home page of the Island Lake Lodge's website.


Island Lake Lodge is a resort in Fernie, BC that offers hotel and wedding accommodations, dining and a spa. They also host a number of activities, including backcountry catskiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and fly fishing.


Leading tourism destinations know that authenticity is essential for attracting guests. Island Lake Lodge needed a way to showcase real, positive fan experiences of the resort on their website to complement their professional photography and official activity descriptions.

Island Lake Lodge User Generated Content Filmstrip


Island Lake Lodge put their fans on centre stage by adding an "#IslandLakeLodge" Stream filmstrip to the homepage of their website. Every minute, new user-generated photos from their destination appear on their site, keeping their homepage fresh and dynamic. Stream finds any mention of #IslandLakeLodge or "Island Lake Lodge" across all major public networks and collects them for their team to repurpose. Automatic moderation instantly detects and hides anything but the best fan photos, guaranteeing their website visitors only see the most beautiful and positive shots. These real fan experiences give potential guests an authentic taste of the destination - helping Island Lake Lodge make the best possible first impression while showing their fans that they truly appreciate their contributions.

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