Empowering Super Fans to Make Hockey Mascot History

By letting their fans name their World Championship mascot, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) connected with over 4000 super fans, learning about them and their network of 835,000+ friends.

Tradable Bits Contest Stats for International Ice Hockey Federation Mascot Campaign

GOAL: Crowdsource Mascot Name from Fans

The International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) and the Organizing Committee of the World Championship hosting country (Denmark) not only needed to name their mascot - they hoped to put names and faces to the emails on their mailing list.

They needed a way to get to know their fans better so they could send more relevant emails and ads leading up to their gold medal game. They also aimed to expand their network to include friends of fans, so they could attract even more people to experience the game.

SOLUTION: Engage Fans with Simple Voting Contest

IIHF and their partner wanted to make participation as easy as possible for their fans, thus maximizing engagement. In mere minutes, they created a simple, mobile-friendly microsite using the Contact Poll template which allowed fans to select their favourite mascot name and enter to win a pair of VIP tickets to the Ice Hockey World Championship final.

Fans came in the thousands to submit their vote for the “ugly duckling” inspired mascot, providing IIHF and the Organizing Committee in Denmark with their contact information. The view to entry ratio indicated that fans came back an average of six times to see if their choice was winning throughout the contest. IIHF could rest assured knowing that their fans’ data was safely stored in accordance with all international privacy laws.

After over 4000 fans submitted their entries, IIHF now has the ability to reach over 835,000 friends of fans through hyper-targeted Facebook ads -thus improving ticket sales for future events.

Tradable Bits Testimonial by International Ice Hockey Federation New Media Manager Kevin Mark

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