Turning Ads into Fan Stories

By targeting fans and their friends with relatable promoted posts instead of aggressive ticket ads, the Dallas Mavericks earned more sales while maintaining a positive brand experience.

Tradable Bits Dallas Mavericks Social Ad Stats

GOAL: Boost Ticket Sales with Narrative Video Ads

The Dallas Mavericks know that fans go to their games for an experience with friends, not just to see their favourite team win. They wanted to use their fans’ influence to make their invitation to buy tickets go even farther for less budget spent.

SOLUTION: Social Lift for Ticket Sales

Combining sales data from Ticketmaster with real-time fan data from Tradable Bits Fan CRM gave the Mavs an ad audience of ticket buyers’ friends. Their storytelling video ads resonated so well with fans, that 46% of ad traffic was from organic shares from fans and friends. This extra boost from fans earned a 73% better CPA than the industry average, and an impressive 46 times ad ROI.

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