T'was the month before the holidays and all through your team, there was nothing but panic - you might even scream. But before you get hung up on holiday fear... don't worry, we've got you! T-Bits is here.

We've compiled our biggest list of winter holiday-themed social media contest ideas ever! Here are 70 last-minute campaign ideas you can execute in mere hours.

(If you already know why holiday contests are important and how to create them, congrats! You're awesome! Just scroll down to skip to the ideas list.)

We've organized the 70 social media contests by template, because - hooray! - we've already designed and coded the mobile-friendly campaigns for you. All you need to do is plug in your text and branded images and you're ready to launch!

Before we get to the ideas, you may be wondering - why are holiday campaigns worth it? Here are just a few reasons why spending just a couple hours creating a contest will benefit your business:

  • Collect constantly updated, enriched fan profiles of your customers
  • Create quality, segmented audiences for future ad and email targeting
  • Cut through noise and save ad budget when fans promote you with organic shares

How does this all work? Setup is as easy as 1-2-3! Here's how to configure these contests:

  1. Use a template to create a fun campaign with social login (so you collect fan IDs)
  2. Promote your campaign with emails, organic posts and social ads
  3. Sit back and enjoy an eggnog latte as the contacts and sales roll in

Without further ado, here's our epic list...

70 Social Media Contest Ideas for December Holidays

Don't have enough time to read through all the ideas? Take this quick quiz to find out which contest is best for YOUR business!

Bundle Campaigns

Bundle campaigns allow you to easily organize and schedule a multi-part campaign for your fans. They are optimized for mobile, fully responsive, and easy to embed on your website or Facebook page! An advent calendar is a great way to get your fans hyped about the holidays. The daily excitement of opening an advent calendar will keep your fans excited throughout the holiday season, while helping you gather valuable information about fans. The simple configuration of advent calendars will "unlock" campaigns and other complex, multi-element campaigns.

1) Holiday Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas (giveaways or engagements for 12 or 24 days).

Personality Quizzes

Personality quizzes are a fantastic way to engage fans while collecting psychographic data about their interests. They're super sharable, fun to complete and packed with opportunity for new leads! The trick is to design questions that give you valuable information you can later use to segment your audience for ads.

Here are our holiday-themed Personality Quiz ideas:

2) Which Christmas Movie is Your Life Story?
3) Which Present Will Santa Give You?
4) Which Christmas Movie Villain Are You?
5) Which Reindeer is Your Spirit Animal?
6) Which Gift is Perfect Your Hard-to-Buy-For Dad?
7) Which Holiday-Themed Goodie Should You Try?

User-Generated Content (Photo) Contests

User-generated photo contests are the perfect way to amass a ton of awesome fan content and positive buzz right before the holidays. Stream makes it easy to collect fan entries across multiple social networks into one contest. Add voting to your contest to collect contacts from everyone that participates!

Here are our holiday-themed Stream Contest ideas:

8) Best Santa's Cookies Recipe Contest
9) Most Perfect Wrapping Job Contest
10) Ugliest Holiday Sweater Contest
11) Best Holiday-Themed Pet Costume Contest
12) Most Awkward Holiday Family Photo Contest
13) Best Office Holiday Decor Contest
14) Most Hilarious Family Holiday Card Contest
15) Best Gingerbread House Decoration Contest
16) Cutest Children's Santa Letter Contest
17) Most Hilarious Adult Santa Letter Contest
18) Winter Holidays in Your Country (International Photo Contest)
19) Best Christmas Tree Decoration Contest
20) Most Convincing Santa Costume Contest
21) Best Holiday Photo Bomb Contest
22) Pay it Forward Charitable Champion Nomination

Video Contests

Video content continues to be one of the hottest trends in fan-based marketing. Quickly and easily collect videos from fans for later reuse with a simple video contest. It's also super simple to set up, just ask fans to upload their video and sit back while the entries come rolling in! The best part? You can download them all in high-resolution after the contest is over.

Here are our holiday-themed Video Contest ideas:

23) Surprise Holiday Moments Video Contest
24) Best Holiday Carolers Video Contest
25) Christmas Morning Reaction Video Contest
26) Best Holiday Carol Rap Remix Contest
27) Funniest Christmas Troll (see Jimmy Kimmel) Video Contest


Quizzes are the perfect way to engage fans while assessing their knowledge on a particular topic. You can automatically tag fans based on their responses for later audience segments. Plus, when fans succeed, they love to share!

Here are our holiday-themed Quiz ideas:

28) Holiday Treat Nutrition Quiz
29) Holidays Across Cultures Quiz
30) Santas Around the World Quiz
31) Holiday Dinners Abroad Quiz
32) Image Trivia Quiz
33) How Well Do You Know Your Christmas Carols? Quiz
34) How Well Do You Know Your Christmas Movies? Quiz
35) What are the Healthiest Holiday Meals? Quiz
36) Can You Guess How These Holiday Items Are Made? Quiz
37) How Long Would It Take You to Deliver These Gifts? Math Problem Quiz
38) How Well Did You Pay Attention to Our Holiday Video? Quiz
39) What Tools Would You Need to Get Santa's Job Done? Quiz (Perfect for outdoor retail)


Everyone loves a holiday ecard! Let your fans decorate their own masterpiece out of your brand assets and promote awareness when they share. Collect contacts for everyone who participates while spreading holiday cheer.

Here are our holiday-themed eCard ideas:

40) Decorate Your Own Ugly Sweater eCard
41) Happy Holidays Cards in International Languages
42) Decorate Your Own Christmas Tree eCard
43) Caption This Awkward Family Photo eCard
44) Holiday Cards from Movie Villains
45) Greeting Cards for Fake Holidays (Festivus, etc.)
46) Pay it Forward - Share This eCard + We'll Donate $x
47) Decorate Your Own Holiday Cup (Perfect for Coca Cola, Blenz, Starbucks, etc.)


Polls are a simple yet effective way of collecting contacts and segmenting them by behaviour. We have three types of polls - simple text poll, photo poll and contact poll. The first two are self-explanatory, and contact poll allows fans to optionally enter their contact information after they've already voted in your poll. Our Polls also support GIFs, so you can have a short looping video poll.

Here are our holiday-themed Poll ideas:

48) What's the Most Catchy Holiday Jam?
49) What's the Best Christmas Movie Moment?
50) What's the Most Clever Place to Hide a Present?
51) What's the Best Winter Holiday Escape Destination?
52) Santa Suit Dunking Showdown: Who Scored Best?
53) What's the Best Holiday Beverage?
54) Which Holiday Movie Should We Screen at our Theatre?
55) How Do You Plan to Spend the Holidays?
56) Which Artists Need to Make a Holiday Album?
57) Choose Your Own Holiday Prize Contest (tag fans by selection, send winner what they chose)

Tug of Wars

Tug of Wars are a simplified, visual poll where you pit fans against each other and encourage them to rally their friends to vote for "their side". You present two options, and fans battle it out for the ultimate winner. This helps you collect contact information and divide your audience into core segments.

Here are our holiday-themed Tug of War ideas:

58) Who Sung It Better? Holiday Carol Artist Showdown
59) Are You on Santa's Good List or Bad List?
60) What's the Ultimate Holiday Dinner Main Course? Turkey vs. Ham
61) Fake Tree vs. Real Tree?
62) Would You Rather Receive? (Bad Present Battle)

Bracket Challenges

Bracket Challenges are tree-structured contests where fans vote for their favourite option until they reach a finalist. This campaign helps distinguish super fans from first-timers by encouraging fans to come back again and again for each round. Collect contact information every time fans vote, and automatically tag them based on their selections!

Here are our holiday-themed Bracket Challenge ideas:

63) Ultimate Fighter: Christmas Villains Edition (Who Would Win in a Battle?)
64) Showtime Showdown: What's the Best Christmas Movie of All Time?
65) Holiday Cook-off: What's the Best Festive Dish Ever?
66) What's the Ultimate Toy of the Season? (perfect for retail)

Other Popular Templates

With 41 templates to choose from, the possibilities are endless when you run holiday campaigns on our platform. Although we covered our most popular templates, we included a couple of extra ideas for the other ones as well.

Here are some bonus holiday-themed campaign ideas:

67) Instant Win: 12 Days of Prizes (instantly win a prize every day)
68) Instant Win: Giving Game (whenever they win, you donate to charity)
69) Cover Photo: Share the Giving Spirit (donate every time they install a branded cover photo)
70) Coupon: Follower Exclusive Boxing Day Deal (coupons for your followers on a particular network)

We hope you've enjoyed our 70 last-minute holiday campaign ideas! 🎁

Have an idea to add to this list? We'd love to hear it in the comments!

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