Let's paint you a picture; your fan has bought a ticket to see their favourite musician or sports team. They've been waiting for this day for weeks - maybe months. Finally, the day of the event has arrived.

This fan is primed for an experience that they will remember for years to come. The goal is to amplify this experience at every. single. stage. of your event. Why? Research shows that younger generations are more interested in experiences than tangible goods. Meaning, that it's essential to create a unique experience for them at your event that is both share-worthy and memorable.

So, how can you connect with your fans at your event? We've put together seven innovative ways that will be sure to leave them talking long after the event is over.

1. Fan Tower

Fan Tower

Being flashy isn't always a bad thing. In the case of in-venue activations, Fan Towers are one of the most eye-catching engagement pieces; 25+ ft of LEDs tend to have this effect. In terms of what you can display on the Tower, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Some of our favourite examples include the following:

  • AR filters
  • UGC
  • Interactive 3D maps
  • Live social feeds **

Each of these activations transforms the tower into a digital touchpoint to engage passive fans. This is especially important as the Video Tower tends to become a festival landmark and meeting place for fans to regroup between shows.

Almost every activation on a tower can also be transformed into a sponsorship fulfillment piece. Adding branded borders, short commercial cuts or even full-screen takeovers are all great options. Take a look at this "Eyeconic" example from Voodoo Festival.

2. Jumbotron/Big-Screen AR


In sporting arenas (or on any large screen for that matter) an easy way to have fun and connect with your fans is to develop an AR filter and display it on the jumbotron. This is a great way to raise fan spirits and light up the faces in the arena. This AR filter feature can also incorporate sponsors by promoting their product or company through the filter displayed at that game. You can also increase your organic reach by uploading the filter to Instagram so that fans can easily access and share it on their channels.

3. Wifi Login


Most attendees want to instantly share their experiences with their friends, family, and followers, but also don't want to eat through their data plans in the process. Providing attendees with free wifi is great, but why not kill 2 birds with one stone by learning more about who's in your venue. Many venues using WIFI infrastructure are not taking advantage of this golden data collection opportunity.

Instead of having fans only agree to terms and conditions to connect, invite them to login via social auth like Google, or Spotify. This will allow you to capture affinity data that helps you learn more about your fans so you can personalize your marketing communications to them in the future.

4. RFID Bracelets


RFID bracelets are an easy way for fans to enter, pay, and interact at a festival or event. Incorporating RFID bracelets into your festivals can help the fans have a worry-free experience while also allowing you to track their in-venue behaviour.

Before the start of the festival, fans will be sent their bracelet in advance (or can be picked up at the venue), then they register their information online via mobile or desktop. This bracelet can significantly cut down wait times. They speed up the process for purchasing or participating in a contest/activation by reducing the need for fans to type in their information each time.

5. Live Games on Team/Festival App

Smartphone ownership is higher than ever, and sports teams/festivals continue to ramp up their efforts in taking full advantage of this ever-evolving tech. One strategy that continues to stand above the rest is the "event day app" as it gives fans access to lineup info, live game stats, and promotions all from one centralized location.

To take the app one step further than an information hub, offer fans in-app engagements that run during the event, or over multiple weeks. More than engaging fans, this strategy will build a new source of first-party data as you track participants and ask them for qualifying information.

6. AR Photo Booth

Dallas Cowboys AR Photo Booth

Every fan dreams of meeting their idols and snagging a pic. The problem is reaching your favourite player or artist. Luckily with the AR photo booths, fans can find their favourite player or artist at any booth and take a pic in a matter of seconds.

Similar to the Fan Towers, the AR boot uses augmented reality technology to overlay some of the hottest players and stars over a live feed, allowing fans to take that long-awaited selfie with Pascal Siakam and Fred Vanvleet. A great example was put on by AT&T at the Dallas Cowboys season-opener game. These touch-screen photo kiosks allowed fans to cycle through a handful of their favourite players whom they can pose side-by-side with, giving them the ultimate souvenir photo. Make it Kitschy. Make it Memorable.

7. SMS Engagement

SMS Fan Engagement

Direct marketing is bigger than ever, especially when it comes to engaging fans with SMS. Simply have fans text their full name to a phone number to opt-in to receiving SMS engagements (or add a checkbox field to your next contest). Before you know it you'll have a whole database you can hit with SMS messages on behalf of an artist, festival or sports team. This feature is highly customized to keep fans engaged, locked in, and buying tickets as SMS marketing produces some of the highest conversion rates of any ad campaign.

Bonus: 'Surprise and Delight'

Many companies have also approached the 'surprise and delight' route when interacting with their consumers. One example would be WestJet; the company set up a live chat with Santa where he asked WestJet passengers what they wanted for Christmas. WestJet workers then surprised their passengers by purchasing the gifts they asked Santa for and delivered these gifts to them at the end destination. This method of engagement creates a great connection with customers, by building brand loyalty and creating a positive experience.

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