Consumers love Black Friday and Cyber Monday because they get to save. But how can brands benefit as well?

Running a Black Friday (or Cyber Monday) social media contest has more value than just selling off old stock. When executed properly, these contests help you:

  • Collect up-to-date contact information from new and existing customers
  • Prepare custom ad audiences for retargeting during holiday shopping season
  • Cut through noise and save ad budget when fans promote you with organic shares

How to Run a Black Friday Contest

Running a Black Friday or Cyber Monday contest is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Use a template to create a fun campaign with social login (so you collect fans)
  2. Promote your campaign with email campaigns, organic posts and social ads
  3. Sit back and enjoy an early eggnog as the contacts and sales roll in

7 Black Friday Contest Ideas

Now that you know how easy it is to create a contest, let's get those ideas flowing! Here are seven fleshed out ideas for Black Friday contests. Each idea includes the approximate setup time, the ideal template and the benefits for your business.

If you don't feel like reading and prefer an activity, take our quiz to find out which campaign is best for your brand!

Fast Forward to Black Friday Contest

TEMPLATE: Instant Win

SETUP TIME: 30 minutes

CONCEPT: Give fans instant gratification when they enter for a chance to win a daily "Black Friday" deal with just one click! Encourage fans to share with their friends to increase their chances of winning.


  • Differentiate between super fans and passive followers
  • Generate viral organic awareness for your upcoming deals
  • Easily collect updated contact information from fans
  • Stay top of mind in the days leading up to Black Friday

My Best Black Friday Find

TEMPLATE: Stream Contest

SETUP TIME: 30 minutes

CONCEPT: Encourage fans to upload a photo of their favourite Black Friday find for a chance to win a holiday season shopping spree!


  • Keep the fan engagement buzz going beyond Black Friday
  • Spread organic awareness for your brand on major social channels
  • Collect user-generated photos of your products that you can repurpose
  • Generate Twitter and Facebook ad audiences for retargeting later

Battle for our Black Friday Blowout

TEMPLATE: Tug of War

SETUP TIME: 30-60 minutes

CONCEPT: Let fans decide which of two blowout deals you'll run on Black Friday, by encouraging them to choose their favourite and rally their friends to vote too.


  • Segment your fans by product preference
  • Raise organic awareness of your best Black Friday deals
  • Get fans to introduce you to their friends via shares
  • Collect emails + Fan IDs to retarget in future campaigns

“Sleep In and Save” Black Friday Coupon


SETUP TIME: 30-60 minutes

CONCEPT: Even if fans don't want to participate in the Black Friday craze, let them exchange their contact information for a unique, downloadable/printable coupon they can redeem (on another day) in store or online.


  • Collect updated contact information from fans
  • Segment typical online buyers from in-store buyers
  • Correlate social media activity with in-store purchases
  • Distinguish your brand against the typical Black Friday chaos

Choose Your Own Black Friday Deal

TEMPLATE: Photo Contest

SETUP TIME: 1-2 hours

CONCEPT: Fans choose their own Black Friday deal from your selection and receive a unique coupon by email based on what they chose.


  • Determine which of your products are most popular
  • Collect demographics, emails and interest data from fans
  • Tag fans based on product preference for future targeting
  • Hands-off email integration sends them coupons automatically

Black Friday Flashback Quiz


SETUP TIME: 2-3 hours

CONCEPT: Quiz people on Black Friday deals of years passed, and then reveal this year's deal once they submit their quiz!


  • Distinguish your loyal customers from first-time buyers
  • Create hype and awareness around your Black Friday deal
  • Educate your fans on your products and discounts
  • Generate organic awareness as fans share their results

What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

TEMPLATE: Personality Quiz

SETUP TIME: 4-8 hours

CONCEPT: Craft a hilarious personality quiz that tells fans whether they're a hider, camper, rager, stay-at-homer or any other "Black Friday Shopper Personality"!


  • Generate organic awareness with the highly shareable concept
  • Collect contact information for later ad and email retargeting
  • Segment fans by their shopping habits and preferences
  • Personalize future messaging based on how they responded

Still not sure what to do for Black Friday? Take this quick quiz to find out what contest is best for your brand!

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