It's that time of year again! After a long year, the holiday season has finally rolled around and fans are primed to buy tickets and merchandise over the next month. Take advantage of the holiday spirit to roll out exciting campaigns and contests to engage your music fans and stay top of mind.

Read on for 12 days of fun holiday campaigns ideas that you can use to spread some cheer to your fans this season.

12) Which Christmas Movie Are you?

Campaign Type: Personality Quiz
Ask your fans a series of questions to find out what kind of Christmas movie matches their personality. Mix in unique movies with well-known ones to make things more interesting and avoid generic suggestions. Personality quizzes earn a ton of organic reach, so take advantage by linking back to your ticketing or merch page.

11) Match the Musician

Campaign Type: Memory Game
Have your fans race to match artists from your 2021 festival lineup or artists within a band with our classic memory game campaign. It will not only test their memories but give you a quick and easy way to activate partnerships through co-branded cards.

10) Holiday Selfie Contest

Campaign Type: Photo Contest
Challenge your fans to take photos of themselves with your brand's merchandise somewhere that reflects all that the holidays have to offer in a fun holiday selfie contest. You'll collect some of the excitement that your fans have for the holidays and your brand together, creating a festive and fun image.

9) Carolling Contest

Campaign Type: Video Contest
Engage fans in a silly video contest by asking them to perform songs by their favourite artist (if you're a festival limit it to the next year's lineup), but add a peppermint twist and ask them to dress up in their craziest holiday outfits while they perform.

8) How Well Do you Know Christmas Songs?

Campaign Type: Quiz
Challenge your fans with a little holiday quiz. Write out some classic holiday lyrics and ask your fans to guess which song they're from. If you use lyrics from older and newer songs in different styles, you can get a sense of what style of music your fans listen to by seeing which questions they answer correctly.

7) Ugly Sweater Photo

Campaign Type: Photo Frame
Create a Photo Frame for your fans to share, with a branded holiday frame and winter wonderland background images to choose from. Turn your logo or your brand elements into ugly sweater stickers that fans can resize and place on top of themselves in the frame to create the ultimate Photo Frame to share with friends.

6) Holiday Artist eCard

Campaign Type: eCard
Make holiday themed eCards featuring your artists or centre it around your awesome brand elements. Widespread holidays like Christmas work excellently for eCards since your fans will already be sending each other cards. Why not make it fun for them and tie it to their favourite artist?

5) What's Your Favourite Way to Spend the Holidays

Campaign Type: Poll
Gain insights into your fans' holiday habits and ask them how they enjoy spending the holidays through a simple poll. Offer four different options and find out if they'll be spending it with extended family, their partner, their immediate family, or friends. This will provide you insights into their lifestyle as well as who they may be buying gifts for.

4) Battle of the Presents

Campaign Type: Tug of War
Segment your fans for ads later on by creating a friendly rivalry between two types of presents through a tug of war. Ask your fans what their go-to gift to give for the holidays is this year and have them vote. This will show you where to spend your ads money with them this holiday and let you segment your fans by their buying preferences before they even begin their holiday shopping.

3) Win Custom Merchandise

Campaign Type: Spin-to-Win
What better holiday present than merch from your favourite artist? Fans go crazy for anything exclusive, and a personalized jacket or merch bundle will do just that. Put multiple merch items from your shop up for grabs on your wheel and have fans spin the wheel to determine which merchandise item they've won! This will not only be a fun campaign for your fans but also gives you a chance to advertise your merch line.

2) Win Free Tickets

Campaign Type: Entry Form or Instant Win
Make your life a little easier and set up a simple Instant Win campaign. It's the fastest way for fans to participate and generate leads. Offer exciting prizes like free tickets to your next live stream or festival.

1) Advent Calendar!

Campaign Type: Bundle
Really want to wow your fans? Take all of these campaigns and turn them into a 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways contest! Set up each campaign to run for 24 hours and let fans enter daily for 12 days to receive 12 different prizes. The engagement for fans will be incredibly memorable and you will receive so much fan data that even Santa couldn't sneak it down a chimney!

Launch your contest today! Contact us to start now.

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