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Fan-Based Marketing Platform

What is fan-based marketing? It's when you use fan data to personalize your interactions with fans.

Our built-for-purpose platform helps you collect, analyze and activate fan data at scale. Personalize your fan experience, connect fans with sponsors and sell more tickets with one unified set of tools.

The best part? You own all of your data.

Engagement Campaigns
Collect complete fan profiles as your fans enter fun and easy-to-configure contests, quizzes and sponsorship activations. No coding required.
UGC Collection + Display
See what fans say about you on every major social network all in one unified Stream. Automatically categorize and moderate posts to display at events.
Compile all your fan data into one integrated CRM for a precise picture of every fan. Rank and segment fans in real time to perfect your targeting.
Fan Affinity
Collect, understand and analyze fan interest data to quantify their affinity to artists, brands and athletes. personalize your content to current fan interests.
Five-Star Fan Algorithm
Rank your fans against each other in real time to discover the most influential, valuable and engaged fans in your cross-platform database of contacts.
Social Ads
Sell more tickets with hyper-targeted ads on every major platform. Quantify exact ROI, optimize your targeting and track offline conversions in real time.
Automate your email marketing, personalize your app and website, or make your big data current with live fan data. You own it all with our open API.
Custom Build
Create custom schedules, activations and visualizations for your event. Personalize your website and engage fans with interactive displays.

We're Built for Your Business

Music, Events + Entertainment

Sell more tickets to your music festival, concert or tour with personalized fan experiences - online and at your event.

Quantify your fans' affinity to your artists and let our algorithms find data-backed related artists your fans and their friends will love.

Drive sponsorship revenue and improve ROAS with rich fan data and hyper-targeted ads on every major network, including Spotify.

Professional + College Sports

Fill stadiums with fans and their friends. Keep fans constantly engaged with contests, and ads on every network.

Increase sponsorship revenue with interactive contests and social displays that keep sponsors connected while funding your fan data collection.

Track the entire fan journey from first game to loyal lifer. Drive fans into the next stage with relevant content on your app, website and socials.

We also work with retail, tourism and agencies. Contact Us to see how our tech can help your business.

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