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About Tradable Bits

We believe that when you know your fans, you market smarter. You spend less money to reach more, better leads. You personally connect with the people who care about you. You grow your business organically through real relationships.

We're the social tech powering Fortune 500 events and companies around the world. Yet we're a small, self-funded team camped out in a hotel.

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We support our local community

Beyond our 50% discount to non-profit organizations, we're constantly seeking ways to support worthy causes abroad and in our local community. When non-profits have access to the same powerful technology that supports Fortune 500 companies, they earn just as massive impact - but for the greater good.

We sponsor many charitable events and fundraisers, including Bell Let's Talk, Clara's Big Ride, Autism Surf's Up, Make a Wish Foundation and many others.

We also partner with other Canadian technology companies like Eventbase and Hootsuite to help prove that Canada is a powerful global force for innovation.

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