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Increase sales with microtargeted ads and real-time product endorsements from brand advocates on social media.

Personalizing the buying experience

What do LUSH Cosmetics, lululemon athletica and our other retail clients have in common?

They create excellent in-store and online experiences by treating their customers like friends and family.

These leaders in retail not only listen to fan voices; they showcase their praise on their e-commerce sites, social profiles and on screens in-store.

And with Tradable Bits, so can you.

Microtargeted Social Ads

Better understand your audience. Show that you know their ongoing interests and needs.

Advertise based on past purchases, social media activity or verified web page visits.

Shoppable Social

Drive customers down the path to purchase with buy buttons for the products shown in top fan posts from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more.

Showcase influencers in-store and online, using their praise as social proof for your products.

In-Store Social Experiences

Inspire fans to share more social content with compelling in-store screens and incentives.

Mix ads with organic social posts from shoppers to create curated displays that blend brand and fans.

Real-Time Reviews

Reward your most fashionable fans by showing off their praise on your website, app or blog.

Curate on-brand fan posts from every social network. Keep your website fresh with compelling fan content optimized for mobile.

Customer Care Everywhere

Create better customer experiences. Provide support in real-time, no matter where they are.

Integrate social data into your customer service for truly personalized one-on-one interactions.


Channelling Fandom into E-Commerce

Creating the #BareYourSoles hashtag, Lush Cosmetics encouraged their fans to post photos of themselves trying the new foot care line to Instagram. Stream automatically collected, sorted and displayed these fan posts on the Lush website in their Shoppable Social feed.

Now, when fans visit the e-commerce page of the new foot care line, they see real photos from fellow fans about their experiences with the product - often from mere minutes previous.

See the full case study.

Since we don’t do any traditional advertising, we must rely entirely on grassroots word of mouth to promote our brand and products. Stream helps us capture the buzz and showcase it on our website.
- Laura Grafton, Social Media Strategist

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