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Platform Plan
monthly/annual subscription

  • Stream Social Aggregation
  • Fan CRM for social leads
  • Social Engagement Campaigns
  • Custom Audience targeting
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Developer Platform CSS/API/SDK
  • Phone and email support
  • Multiple administrators

Live Content for Events
pricing per event

  • Social content collection & display
  • Multiple display options
  • Auto and manual Moderation
  • Setup support by phone & email
  • Fully customize via our API/SDK

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We offer additional services & integrations:

More Administrator Licenses
Third Party API Integration
Ticketmaster Integration
Broadcasting Integration
Increased Stream Feeds
100,000 Stream Post Storage
Twitter & Instagram Real-time Firehose
Manual Stream Moderation

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How do I get started?
Talk to Us about your business needs and we’ll let you know which tools on our platform will kickstart your success on social media. Can’t wait to start? Try it out yourself.
Do I have to pay more if I have lots of Pages?
Many agencies run campaigns for their clients on our platform. Every account can add up to 1000 Pages. However, only one branded Facebook login + Open Graph is included per plan, so you may want to purchase extra ones per client.
Do I have to pay more if I run lots of campaigns?
We’ll never charge you for wanting to engage with your fans. Our holistic approach to social media marketing means you can run all of your campaigns on one platform for one price - no hidden fees.
Do I have to have a Facebook Page?
If you’re planning on just using Stream, Comments and Social Login, you don’t need a Facebook Page. To run engagement campaigns with our social apps, you must create or manage a Facebook Page first.
Is my data and personal information safe?
All of your fan data and personal information (credit cards, contact, etc.) is securely stored on Canadian servers. All Facebook authentications for your account allow you to manage your pages, not us.
Can I cancel my plan?
You may cancel your plan at any time and any remaining balance will be held as a credit on your account for future subscriptions or services. Once you cancel your plan, any active Streams will stop collecting and you will lose access to your Fan CRM.
What happens when my subscription ends?
If you paid by credit card, you will be given 20 days and ample notice to update your payment information and resubscribe before your account is downgraded to free and your fan data is deleted.
Have a question that isn’t listed here?
Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

Happy clients on the platform:

“This platform unifies content marketing, social media marketing & customer relationship management.”

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