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71 Last-Minute Christmas Contest Ideas with Easy Templates

T'was the month before Christmas and all through your team, there was nothing but panic - you might even scream. But before you get hung up on holiday fear... don't worry, we've got you! St. T-Bits is here. We've compiled our biggest list of winter holiday-themed social media contest ideas…

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Case Study: Island Lake Lodge Social Website

WOW-FACTOR 100s OF GORGEOUS FAN PHOTOS making a stellar first impression to potential tourists on the home page of the Island Lake Lodge's website. ISLAND LAKE LODGE Island Lake Lodge is a resort in Fernie, BC that offers hotel and wedding accommodations, dining and a spa. They also host a…

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Case Study: Tourism Vancouver Neighbourhood Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 11 HILARIOUS QUESTIONS IN 1 PERSONALITY QUIZ that helps Tourism Vancouver learn more about their fans while educating them about the city's many diverse neighbourhoods and subcultures. TOURISM VANCOUVER Tourism Vancouver is a destination marketing organization and business association that represents 1000+ members in tourism and related industries. They…

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Case Study: Flight Centre Tug of War Contest

WOW-FACTOR 2 AWESOME FAN PRIZE PACKS that segment Flight Centre's audience of email and ad leads into travellers who love culinary delights or prefer outdoor adventures. FLIGHT CENTRE CANADA Flight Centre Canada is a leading retailer of travel products and services, with over 180 locations across Canada. With thousands of…

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Case Study: Local Public Eatery (Engine Digital)

WOW-FACTOR 9 DYNAMIC, INTERACTIVE SOCIAL HOMEPAGES that give potential customers an authentic, real-time taste of what it's like to experience the food, atmosphere and service at Local Public Eatery. LOCAL PUBLIC EATERY Local Public Eatery is a laidback pub with gourmet food with locations all across North America. We even…

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Microbrew Your Marketing: How to Distill Your Best Social Leads

Do you enjoy craft beer? Do you work in marketing? Then you'll love our latest infographic: Microbrew Your Marketing - The Art and Science of Distilling Your Social Following. Please feel free to share our infographic by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the URL in…

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Science World creates collaborative exhibit of magic moments with help from community

Science World is engaging their community for their 25th anniversary by encouraging past and present visitors to share their favourite memories at “the Dome” on their interactive Science World BC Memories website. Each photo added helps to create the virtual “exhibit” of Science World memories, spanning all the way from…

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Dine Out Vancouver captures every bit of #deliciousness with Stream

Canada’s largest restaurant festival, Dine Out Vancouver, took #foodporn to a whole new level this year with the My Dine Out Story Stream. Even with hundreds of restaurants, thousands of dishes and millions of mmm-inspiring moments, Dine Out Vancouver didn’t miss a single second of their 17-day, city-wide…

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Copper Mountain Increases Engagement with Stream

For Copper Mountain ski resort, the divide between what appears on social media and what actually happens on the slopes was a constant challenge. “The goal of our social media strategy is to interact with guests from a variety of platforms and give them an honest perspective of life at…

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Whistler Cornucopia captures festive feast with Stream

There’s something almost spellbinding about a gourmet, holiday dinner party. The decadent culinary delights, shaped and stacked into miniature pieces of edible art. The tinkling of wine glasses and fluttery excitement of countless conversations. The tang of oaky wine and the smooth scent of pumpkin piquing your appetite. You’…

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