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Case Study: Island Lake Lodge Social Website

WOW-FACTOR 100s OF GORGEOUS FAN PHOTOS making a stellar first impression to potential tourists on the home page of the Island Lake Lodge's website. ISLAND LAKE LODGE Island Lake Lodge is a resort in Fernie, BC that offers hotel and wedding accommodations, dining and a spa. They also host a…

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Case Study: We For She Conference Stream

WOW-FACTOR 1,600,000+ people reached by the stories created by the 1500+ attendees of the We For She conference, spreading solutions for gender discrimination across the world. WE FOR SHE We For She 2016: Championing the Next Generation, was a conference in Vancouver that we sponsored on October 14,…

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Case Study: The Vancouver Club Celebrity Bartenders Stream

WOW-FACTOR 1 SPECIAL NIGHT where the prestigious Vancouver Club lifted its photography ban to allow guests to capture the exquisite Celebrity Bartender Series Finale and share it with their networks on social media (inducing FOMO everywhere). THE VANCOUVER CLUB The Vancouver Club is a business club where members from various…

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Case Study: AXS TV X-Factor Judges Personality Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 4 CELEBRITY X-FACTOR UK JUDGES, each with unique identities, in one viral personality quiz by AXS TV. The quiz engages The X-Factor UK fans by revealing their judge doppelganger for a chance to win a themed prize pack. X-FACTOR UK (AXS TV) The X Factor is a British reality…

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Case Study: Lush Cosmetics #BareYourSoles Stream Contest

WOW-FACTOR 1000's of LUSHIES SHARING PRODUCT PHOTOS, authentically promoting Lush Cosmetics' new line of foot care products on Instagram and the Lush website. LUSH COSMETICS Lush Cosmetics is an international master of fan-based marketing. Their commitment to making fresh, handmade, ethical cosmetics attracts millions of "Lushies" to their loyal fan…

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Case Study: IAEE Event Professionals Personality Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 9 OBSCURE SWAG ITEMS that corresponded with unique personality types, assigned to IAEE fans through an engaging quiz that helped the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) better engage and understand their audience of event professionals. INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EXHIBITIONS AND EVENTS (IAEE) The International Association of Exhibitions…

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Case Study: Blenz Coffee Iced Tea Lemonade Tug of War

WOW-FACTOR TWO DELICIOUS NEW SUMMER PRODUCTS promoted with one beautifully designed, lead-generating Tug of War campaign that encouraged fans to try both drinks and vote for their favourite. BLENZ COFFEE Blenz Coffee is a Canadian coffee company with a passion for providing opportunities for people to socialize over premium drinks.…

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Case Study: FFA + Playstation #PS4Trickshot Stream Contest

WOW-FACTOR 3000+ FAN TRICKSHOT VIDEOS uploaded to Twitter and Instagram with the branded hashtag #PS4Trickshot for Football Federation Australia and Playstation's collaborative Stream contest. FOOTBALL FEDERATION AUSTRALIA + PLAYSTATION Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the governing body of football in Australia and is one of 207 other members of FIFA, the…

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Case Study: Tourism Vancouver Neighbourhood Quiz

WOW-FACTOR 11 HILARIOUS QUESTIONS IN 1 PERSONALITY QUIZ that helps Tourism Vancouver learn more about their fans while educating them about the city's many diverse neighbourhoods and subcultures. TOURISM VANCOUVER Tourism Vancouver is a destination marketing organization and business association that represents 1000+ members in tourism and related industries. They…

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Case Study: Flight Centre Tug of War Contest

WOW-FACTOR 2 AWESOME FAN PRIZE PACKS that segment Flight Centre's audience of email and ad leads into travellers who love culinary delights or prefer outdoor adventures. FLIGHT CENTRE CANADA Flight Centre Canada is a leading retailer of travel products and services, with over 180 locations across Canada. With thousands of…

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