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    Ask an Expert: Laura from Lush Cosmetics Talks Fan-Based Marketing for Retail

    Ten years at Lush Cosmetics taught Laura Grafton (Social Media Strategist) a ton about fan-based marketing. From serving their 4,000,000+ followers excellent content to running international campaigns, Laura's insight into developing and maintaining fan bases in the ethical retail industry is unmatched. She managed to spare a second…

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    Case Study: Bonnaroo Festival Social Ads

    Selling Out Tickets with Personalized Social Ads By personalizing their online experience, Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival only paid to reach the most qualified leads and their friends, earning them 147X ROI through their entire six-month campaign GOAL: Sell Tickets to True Fans + their Friends Bonnaroo Arts + Music Festival values their…

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    Case Study: Dallas Mavericks Social Ads

    Turning Ads into Fan Stories By targeting fans and their friends with relatable promoted posts instead of aggressive ticket ads, the Dallas Mavericks earned more sales while maintaining a positive brand experience. GOAL: Boost Ticket Sales with Narrative Video Ads The Dallas Mavericks know that fans go to their games…

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    How to Make Mind-Blowing BuzzFeed-Style Quizzes for Fans

    Everybody loves a good BuzzFeed quiz. Admit it - you've sheepishly wasted 5 minutes of your work day answering arbitrary questions just to see if your taste in poutine can predict your perfect guy. And shared it with everyone you knew when it actually did. BuzzFeed quizzes are genius because…

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    Case Study: Florida Gators Engagement Campaign

    Snapping Up Leads with Fan-Based Sweepstakes By launching a simple sweepstakes campaign, the Florida Gators attracted 11,000+ fans and their friends, earning thousands of new emails for their mailing list in a single month. GOAL: Personalize Fan Experience + Attract Friends Florida Gators fans are always hungry for relevant content…

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    Case Study: Nitro Circus Personality Quiz

    Understanding Athlete Affinity with Fun Quiz By engaging their audience with a data-driven personality quiz, Nitro Circus collected over 14,000 real fan profiles from existing followers and new fans alike - all in less than two weeks. GOAL: Learn More About Fans + Attract New Ones Nitro Circus already had…

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    Social Media Camp Session Announcement: How to Build a Digital Marketing Plan

    We're excited to announce our upcoming session at Canada's largest digital marketing conference, Social Media Camp! In this hands-on workshop, our Marketing Manager Emily Taylor will teach you how to build a digital marketing plan in seven easy steps. Register now to attend the conference and catch our session at…

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    Case Study: Lush Cosmetics Shoppable Social

    Channelling Fandom into E-Commerce Lush Cosmetics fans are loud and obsessed. By pairing their best user-generated content with a compelling call to action, they boosted product awareness without saying a word. Capture the Magic of LUSHie Excitement For supporters of Lush Cosmetics, using their products isn’t a luxury, it’…

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    This Month in Digital Marketing - February 2017

    Did you miss us? Well, TWIDM is back with a twist! Consider us your go-to source for digital marketing news on a monthly basis. We'll be sharing a monthly press round-up of relevant internal and external news stories. 1. YouTube to phase out 30-second unskippable ads Did you blink twice…

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    Emotional Attribution: Big Data’s Missing Essential Ingredient

    As seen on Techvibes: Big Data Lacks One Essential Ingredient: Emotional Attribution Big data is like a teenager’s first relationship. They knew they wanted one, but now that they have one... they have no idea what to do with it. Collecting hordes of fan data was a central tenet…

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